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Whether you need mixing and mastering for your project, drum tracks, or you are a student learning to produce music, this website is designed to help you get a better sound.


Here are some tools to help you train your ears and learn the art and science of mixing:

  1. Ear Training Kit™ – Train your ears to identify frequencies, delay times, phase issues, compression settings, and more by ear
  2. Mixing Practice Sessions – Practice your skills and build your mixing portfolio
  3. Mix Critiques – Professional mix evaluation service
  4. Spectral Balancing (or How To Use an EQ)  – Detailed eBook on using EQ, with guides and “magic” frequencies
  5. The Mixing Workshop – 10 day, hands-on, in-studio mixing and ear training course held in Orlando FL, USA

Mixing The Band™ and The Ear Training Kit™ are Sponsored by Waves, Izotope, Slate, Presonus Studio One, Drumagog, Blue Cat Audio, Harrison MixBus, SoundToys, MagicAB, Addictive Drums, and Har-Bal.  Music by Black Canvas, The Jam Campaign, Outbound Road, Pat Travers, Barry Myers, Rocket 88, and other great artists.


Request a quote on pro services at mixingtheband@gmail.com. File transfer services are commonly used for session and wave file transfers.

The following services are available:

  1. Record Production
  2. Mixing
  3. Mastering
  4. Studio Drum Tracks


“Sean has been making great recordings for years but, around the same time I got my falsetto back and started writing a lot of songs, he found a new tone, or a new way to tune his recording room. All of a sudden his mixes became something really special. And I think it’s kind of hard to put your finger on any one thing; it was just a natural progression and Sean’s now found a place that’s almost like a sweet spot. I’m very lucky; I know that. Everything sounds really good and the production has a lot to do with how the songs are presented, for sure. ”
~Pat Travers

“I’m usually critical of most audio magazine articles, but I enjoyed yours immensely and – amazingly – agreed with every single point you made. One of the best mixing type articles I’ve read in years.”
~Ethan Winer

“I wouldn’t trust my vocals to anyone else!”
~Rob Rock

“Sean is an exceptional drummer, but he also gets a great sound in the studio – his production and mixing skills are superb.”
~Barry Myers

“You get the best drum sounds I have ever heard!”
~Mark Richenberg

“Thanks Sean Shannon, you are the best recording engineer I’ve seen in Florida.”
~Russ Robinson, Personal pianist to Frank Sinatra

“Great lyrics”
~Rick Derringer

“So we went to the classic rock station here in San Diego this morning. They played “Can Do”…Sounded epic coming over the airwaves, great job!”
~Kirk McKim

“Other than Tommy Aldridge, Sean is my favorite drummer you have had in the Pat Travers Band……..Would love to see him back in the PTB…”
~Paul Broderick

“Sean is truly amazing in the studio. Some things you just have to see to believe.”
~Willie Kissling

“Wow.  This is a great analysis of my mix.  I get all of it that you are saying.  Your ears are ridiculous.  You’re like a bat. I really appreciate your honesty and telling me the good and bad.  It was nice to hear that there was not too much bad things, but now I see where improvements can be made.”
~Albert, mix critique client

“Sean, I have read your Spectral Balancing article (about 50 times) in Recording Mag, Oct 2013, and I’ve found it to be BY FAR the best article on EQ for mixing that I have ever seen. It didn’t hurt that my new Reason 7 upgrade included a spectral analyzer so I could put your advice to work immediately.  I have sat at seminars by famous and vastly experienced mastering gurus at the SCL in LA and TAXI conventions and have read everything I could find on the subject in an effort to improve my work, but you have said it better than anyone.  THANK YOU!”
~Reader response, Recording Magazine

“Hard Country is an excellent album, chock-full of tracks that deserve to be heard on mainstream, rock and country radio stations on both sides of the pond.”
~Ross Muir

“The songs on Fidelis are exactly what any Pat Travers fan (Hammerheads) would come to expect, guitar jamming blues rock with soulful, passionate vocals, but don’t think for a minute that that means the same old thing.”
~Kat Coffin

“Man, you drummers that can groove that hard to a click are alien! From another planet!”
~Malcolm Springer 

“Sean, the CAN DO album is the best mix I’ve heard in years. You balanced exceedingly well, bringing PTB solos, the drumming and other passages to the front of the mix at the proper times. And you captured the vocals really well, which sound great the entire album. Fantastic job!!”
~Charles W. Wilson